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Join the Flourish Team

Join a talented and passionate team on an important mission. Shape the future of a fast-growing, AI-powered wellness company. Make a meaningful difference to numerous lives around the world.

Seeking Exceptional Talents

We are a team of mission-driven behavioral scientists, designers, and technologists. At Flourish, we provide science-based insights and personalized recommendations to help people build flourishing lives in flourishing communities. Our product is based on proven scientific research, and our co-founders are domain experts who have been conducting research and designing interactive products over the past decade. You can learn more about Flourish through our mission statement and core values (growth mindset, mission-driven, kindness, resilience).

As we expand our reach, we're excited to open up a variety of roles for those passionate about making a difference in mental health and wellness. Whether you're seeking to take the next step in your career with a vibrant early-stage startup, or you'd like to contribute as a volunteer in one of our many initiatives, Flourish offers a unique opportunity. You will engage with a talented, fun, and caring team in a supportive environment and play a meaningful role in shaping the future of a fast-growing, mission-driven startup.


Part-time, Palo Alto, CA / Remote 

​As a key member of the founding team, the AI/ML engineer will be responsible for incorporating the most recent AI breakthroughs into the product to create a personalized experience.


Help spread the word about Flourish through compelling social media engagement, highlighting the importance of mental well-being and personal growth.


Engage with people at your university or local communities to organize events, workshops, and activities that align with Flourish's mission to promote individual and collective well-being.

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