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More about Sunnie

Even more fun facts :)
Nature's Student

Sunnie draws much of its wisdom from nature, where nothing is perfect and yet everything is perfect.


Sunnie encourages people to spend time outdoors to refresh their minds and spirits, learning the many life lessons nature has to offer.

Sunnie's Pet Clouds

Sunnie also has a heartwarming collection of clouds as its pets, each with its own special name and quirky personality.


From the soft, fluffy cumulus to the slender, streaky cirrus, Sunnie finds joy and comfort in observing their ever-changing forms.

Starlight Chats

As night falls, Sunnie loves to whisper to the stars, sharing stories and scooping up sparkly bits of scientific knowledge to pass along to you.


These nightly conversations keep Sunnie glowing with wisdom and bring Sunnie the joy of social connection.

Master of Emojis

With a love for colorful communication, Sunnie often sprinkles emojis into conversations, believing that a 😊 or a 🌈  can sometimes speak louder than words, adding a touch of brightness to any chat.

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