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CTO/Head of Engineering

Full-time, Palo Alto, CA / Remote 

About this Position:

As a key member of the executive team, the Head of Engineering will be responsible for both developing the long-term technical and product roadmap and building version 3.0 of the LLM-powered, full-stack architecture. To succeed at this, they will work with the executive team and advisors and lead the engineering team, and must also possess the skills to do the foundational coding to build and launch the platform. The Head of Engineering will possess a large degree of autonomy to determine the key priorities and features.


Ideal candidates are:

  • Passionate about helping people live happier, more fulfilling, and more meaningful lives with a science-based approach.

  • Passionate about applying the most recent AI technologies to create cutting-edge products.

  • Experienced in building & launching consumer and business products in social media, digital healthcare, edTech, or other related spaces.

  • Able to trade-off between long-term product strategy and short-term, fast execution.

  • Skilled at seamlessly shifting between writing code, meeting with key stakeholders to design the product, and cultivating external partnerships that will aid in the growth of the company.

  • Willing to roll up their sleeves and work alongside the team to deliver results.

  • Having worked in a start-up as a founder or in the early phases of a company at a leadership level and understands its unique challenges and opportunities is preferred.

  • Committed to the highest research and production standards.

  • Excited to dive into new problems with a growth mindset.


Technical Skills:

  • 5+ years as a full-stack software developer and has made significant contributions to industry-scale product launch

  • Have shipped consumer and/or B2B products, ideally from scratch

  • Have developed scalable, cloud-based architectures

  • Experienced building web frontends and mobile apps is preferred

  • Experienced in developing and deploying AI/ML algorithms



  • Experienced in leading teams of software engineers

  • Will actively develop company culture

  • Can identify and cultivate the strengths of a diverse team

  • Can effectively lead a remote team and foster collaboration across the organization

  • Strong project management skills and ability to oversee multiple projects and ensure they are delivered on time and within budget



  • History of leading by example

  • Understands the big picture and is comfortable making the tough decisions on how to prioritize needs

  • Have demonstrated success executing on strategy and bringing a new product to market

  • Have worked in a start-up as a founder or in the early phases of a company at a leadership level and understands the unique challenges and opportunities this brings


Position Details:

  • Remote (all members are in SF bay area and sometimes meet in person)

  • Full time

  • Legally able to work in the US

  • Bachelors’ or Master’s degree in Computer Science, or equivalent, preferred


Culture fit:

As part of the founding team, culture fit is essential. We define culture fit as:

  • Growth mindset

  • Mission-driven

  • Kindness

  • Resilience

(Read more on each core value here)


  1. Compensation: Substantial equity and a modest salary.

  2. Application process: Candidates who meet the basic qualifications will be invited to an initial conversation with one of the co-founders via video conference or in person (near Stanford campus), which will include questions about the candidate's experience, qualifications, and expectations. Candidates who pass the initial screening will be invited to meet with multiple members of our founding team and answer technical and behavioral questions. We will conduct reference checks to verify the candidate's work history and experience.

  3. Immigration status: If you are not U.S. citizens or permanent resident and need visa sponsorship, we may be able to sponsor O1 visas if you meet the criteria, but we will not be able to sponsor H1B visas at the current stage, unfortunately.

To Apply:


Please send an email to with the following information:

  • Please indicate which position you are applying to, describe why you are interested in Flourish, highlight your most relevant experiences/qualifications, and indicate when you will be able to start.

  • Please attach a resume.

  • You are encouraged to provide a link to your website/LinkedIn/GitHub.

  • Please confirm that you have read the FAQs and let us know if you have any potential constraints or concerns. We value open communication tremendously!


We do not expect that any single applicant will possess every characteristic outlined here and would encourage those who feel they would be a strong candidate to apply.

Other Open Positions:

Full-time or Part-time, Palo Alto, CA or Remote 

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