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Deeper connections. Happier days.

More happiness

Better well-being

Deeper connections

Solving the "Last Mile Problem" of Science

Scientific knowledge and practices on how to live a flourishing life have been booming, but they are often scattered and deeply buried in the academic literature. 

Flourish is founded by a team of mission-driven scientists, designers, and technologists. We put the science of happiness and well-being into everyone's hands and make it fun and actionable.


What We Offer

Engaging, delightful, and accessible — our science-based products meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities, regardless of time or budget.

The Flourish App 

Enjoy as your personal well-being guide, or invite friends to stay close and grow together. Our app is:

  • Evidence-based

  • Actionable

  • Fun and rewarding
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Interactive Workshops

Engaging and informative workshops delivered by scientists, our workshops help to:

  • Raise collective awareness

  • Share knowledge & insights
  • Build a sense of community

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Organization Partnership

We help organizations and schools discover gaps and opportunities and build a culture of well-being with:

  • Customized events and app

  • Organization-specific insights 

  • Measurable results 

Loved by Our Users


Trusted by 



peer-reviewed academic publications supporting the effectiveness of Flourish activities.


participants said our workshop is engaging and enhances their learning experience.


participants in a recent event reported improved well-being within 2 weeks

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