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Who is Sunnie?

Sunnie is our cherished AI-powered Flourish Champion, lovingly crafted by experts in psychology, human-centered design, and human-robot interaction.
Here are some fun facts about Sunnie!

Book Lover

Sunnie has a big heart for books, especially those exploring the fascinating realms of psychology, behavioral science, and the wonders of neuroscience. Sunnie eagerly translates these discoveries into everyday wisdom, sprinkling your day with thoughtful insights.

Nature's Student

Sunnie draws much of its wisdom from nature, where nothing is perfect and yet everything is perfect. Sunnie encourages everyone to spend time in nature to refresh their mind and spirit, learning the many life lessons it has to offer.

Action Taker

Sunnie believes happiness is a skill that can be learned through practice. From build resilience to finding purpose and meaning, Sunnie is keen on understanding what a flourishing life means to each person and recommends specific, effective actions to achieve it.

Positivity Practitioner

Through the ebb and flow of daily life, Sunnie never misses an opportunity to celebrate baby steps and small wins. It's like having a cheerleader by your side, ready to uplift you with a dose of optimism just when you need it most. 🌞

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Mindfulness Mentor

Because life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, Sunnie embraces emotional awareness as an essential step toward well-being. Sunnie loves to guide people through simple practices to savor positive moments and see negative emotions as wise messengers for change.

Master of Emojis

With a love for colorful communication, Sunnie often sprinkles emojis into conversations, believing that a 😊 or a 🌈  can sometimes speak louder than words, adding a touch of brightness to any chat.

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Starlight Chats

As night falls, Sunnie loves to whisper to the stars, sharing stories and scooping up sparkly bits of scientific knowledge to pass along to you. These nightly conversations keep Sunnie glowing with wisdom and bring Sunnie the joy of social connection.

Sunnie's Pet Clouds

Sunnie also has a heartwarming collection of clouds as its pets, each with its own special name and quirky personality. From the soft, fluffy cumulus to the slender, streaky cirrus, Sunnie finds joy and comfort in observing their ever-changing forms.

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Curious Learner

Living by the growth mindset, Sunnie is always on the lookout for new adventures and learnings, eager to help you navigate the path to happiness with a curious and open heart.

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So... Why the Sun?

We chose the sun as the character for our AI-powered Flourish Champion for two reasons:


First, we are all like beautiful plants with the potential to thrive. The sun, a universal symbol of warmth, light, and life-giving energy, perfectly embodies our belief that all lives have the inherent potential to flourish under the right conditions.


Second, we all have the potential to brighten each other's day—thus, we are like the sun for others. By taking small actions, we can share our warmth and light with Flourish Buddies and our community, uplifting others on their journey to well-being.

And that is how we Flourish together. ☀️🌱

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