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  • ​“Over my 30 years at Stanford, I have taken part in dozens of personal growth programs. None compared to the Flourish program I did with Xuan and Julie. Unlike others that centered around an individual experience, the Flourish approach left me feeling a greater sense of belonging and more connected to community, something that’s easy to have slip amidst the demands of work and family.”

  • “This is by far one of the best classes I have taken. So many options to move forward, thanking people, thinking about things in a different way. This has "stuck" in my mind better than many classes.”

  • “Loved this class, the daily tasks and the interface. Really hope I get to do the class again or find some way to have the prompts and insights available frequently in the future. It definitely brightened each day and gave me hope for a brighter tomorrow. Thank you!!”

  • “just having this laid-out daily process to look forward to, with so many smile-inducing images, ideas, & quick activities meant that every day, even before the activity, my mood was good, calm, positive in many ways. I am confident that for the rest of my life, when I think of these things, it will renew the smile I have this moment, & tend to lower my stress levels in multiple ways. I am also quite hopeful that doing some of these things will improve my most important relationships."

  • ​“This workshop… has made a profound impact on me. Last night when I woke up at 2 am, my first thought was racing through everything I needed to get done at work. After a moment, I thought about three good things in my life and the appreciation from the people I interacted with for the gratitude note, the meaningful conversation, blast from the past and gifting a compliment. The next thing I knew, my alarm was going off. There is so much offered in this workshop I hope everyone is able to benefit from it. Please keep up with this and I look forward to seeing what your future brings!”

  • “I loved multiple reminders that sometimes the benefit is for someone else. THAT is the way that it benefits yourself. It just seemed like a little secret or surprise twist on my initial interpretation!

  • "That is a game changer!"

  • "The design is so beautiful!"

  • "So cute, fun, and warm"

  • ​and more (to be added)

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