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Flourish FAQ

  • What is Flourish?
    Flourish Science is an AI-powered mental wellness startup co-founded by psychologists from Stanford University and serial entrepreneurs from Google and C3 AI. Our service centers around a science-based, AI-driven happiness coaching app, complemented by real-life buddy mechanism and tailored organizational programs, to empower employees and students in cultivating and practicing social and emotional wellness habits. Our proactive, personalized, and education-focused approach has proved effective in enhancing users’ emotional well-being, fostering social connections, and elevating overall life satisfaction. ​Interested in getting Flourish for your team, school, or organization? Schedule a 20-minute consultation with us!
  • Who created Flourish?
    Xuan Zhao, Ph.D. Social Psychologist at Stanford. 14 years of experience in research and science communication. Featured in the New York Times, BBC, Harvard Business Review, The Happiness Podcast. Guest speaker at National Academy of Sciences. Julie Cachia, M.A. Ph.D candidate in Affective Science at Stanford. Leadership in Inclusive Teaching (LIT) Fellow. Expert on positive emotion, motivation, and social relationships with 10 years of experience. Tianyi Xie, a talented UX designer passionate about blending science, technology, and design for user-friendly experiences with extensive industry experience at Google, CVS Health, and C3 AI. You can watch a short video to hear Xuan, Julie, and Tianyi discussing what compelled them to work on Flourish here.
  • ​What motivated you to create Flourish?
    The pursuit of well-being is a collaborative journey. Traditionally, mental health and well-being have been framed around "self-care," emphasizing solitary practices. However, scientists are increasingly highlighting that well-being can't be achieved alone. In fact, our society is in an epidemic of loneliness and isolation, which fuels the ongoing mental health crisis and poses a public health risk. Building supportive communities, fostering meaningful connections, and cultivating a sense of flourishing can bring numerous benefits to employee and student mental health, retention, creativity, and productivity. We believe it is imperative to take a science-based approach to embracing community well-being and helping people flourish together. We believe science should be accessible to all. Flourish is our effort to explore a new model to make science interactive and engaging for the public. This brings us happiness and meaning—and hopefully a new career.
  • What is the Flourish app?
    The Flourish app is a science-based tool to help you learn and develop well-being habits. With this app, you will practice and celebrate simple well-being actions each day, such as savoring small things in daily life, engaging in a meaningful conversation with friends, or taking a nature walk. And you will also discover the science of happiness and well-being along the way. Think about it as your daily inspiration and reminder towards living a more flourishing life!
  • Where can I get the Flourish app?
    Since you've come this far on our website, we're touched by your passion for Flourish. We'd like to share a secret with you: The Flourish app has been beta launched on the Apple Store and Google Play, granting you free access to the premium version for the next three months! (Shhh... our public launch is set for March.) To access our full service, including organizational programming, your organization will need to partner with us. We are actively seeking partnerships with companies, schools, and non-profits. If you would like to bring Flourish to your community, let us know! To express your interest, please sign up here, or schedule a free consultation here. For public engagement, we maintain an active presence on our Instagram page (@Flourish.Science).
  • Can I share this app with my friends and family?
    You're encouraged to invite your Flourish Buddies to join you in the app, who may be your family, close friends, or colleagues. We hope Flourish will become a positive force and a bright spot in their days, too!
  • ​The app mentions “Flourish Buddy”. What is that?
    Research shows that high-quality social connections play a critical role in happiness and well-being. By doing these activities with a close friend or family member (or a few), you may find more joy, insights, perspective, and motivation! So we highly recommend inviting one or more Flourish Buddy to come along on your journey. You and your Flourish Buddy can do these activities separately or together. You can be in the same household or be thousands of miles apart.
  • How can I invite someone to be my buddy?
    Step 1: Click "Invite Flourish Buddy" to copy a sample message containing your unique invitation link. On your laptop, that "Invite Flourish Buddy" button is in the "Me" page. On your phone, find it in your profile page by clicking on that smiling pot in the upper right corner of your Community page. Step 2: Paste the message into an email/Slack/iMessage, etc. Feel free to edit it as you see fit. And send it away! Step 3: Once your friend clicks on your invitation link and creates an account, they will appear in your "Buddy" channel on your Community page. Enjoy Flourishing together 🌱
  • Do I need to have a buddy in order to benefit from this app?
    Rest assured — you can enjoy Flourish by yourself and benefit from this app a lot! With that said, having a buddy can add extra fun, motivation, and inspiration. And It's a great way to stay close and grow together. Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours!
  • Will you share my responses with my employer/manager/school?
    What you write in the Flourish app remains strictly between you and us. We genuinely value your trust and are dedicated to maintaining the utmost privacy for your information and data. We never share identifiable data, and we never read anything you write. We may share aggregated, quantitative results with partner organizations to provide a high-level summary of community well-being. We take precautions to ensure that the data is presented in a way that prevents any individual from being singled out or recognized.
  • What will happen to my responses?
    We take users' privacy seriously! We do not sell, rent, license, or lease your personal information to third parties. We primarily use your data to provide, maintain, improve, and enhance our Services; to personalize your experience on our Services such as by providing tailored well-being content and recommendations; to generate anonymized, aggregate data containing only de-identified, non-personal information for scientific research and program evaluation; etc. You can read more in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  • Will you collect my medical records in this app?
    No, we will not collect your medical records in this app. Flourish is not a medical service and does not require access to your medical history. We prioritize your privacy and only collect data necessary for enhancing your experience and providing our services, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.
  • Can I delete my account?
    Yes, you can delete your account in the app anytime. Note that if you choose to delete your account, all your personal information and responses will be permanently removed from our system, and you will not be able to retrieve your data later.
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