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Fists in Solidarity

Building a Resilient, Connected Workforce

Collective awareness, simple actions. Backed by science.

Research shows that high levels of
Employee resilience and connection are linked to

We help companies unlock employees' full potential and flourish through an AI-powered app and research-based workshops.

AI coach in your pocket

Interactive workshops


Flourish Buddy system

Our work appears in
Supercharge your people

Resilient Employees

Support emotional wellness to motivate everyone.

More Connected Teams

Bridge gaps in remote workplaces, fostering unity.

Inclusive Culture

Simple, actionable steps to build inclusion in daily interactions.

Supportive Leaders

Empower leaders to build teams that feel well and perform well.

Over the past 30 years, I have taken part in dozens of personal growth programs. None compared to the Flourish program.

Unlike others that centered around an individual experience, the Flourish approach left me feeling a greater sense of belonging and more connected to community.

—Julia, Executive Director, Stanford University

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