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Looking for simple ways to spread joy and create lasting impact?

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Science-based AI coach for emotional wellness and personal growth.

More motivation

More resilience

Deeper connections


Solving the "Last Mile Problem" of Science

Scientific knowledge on how to live a flourishing life have been booming, but they are often scattered and deeply buried in the academic literature. 

Flourish is founded by a team of mission-driven scientists, designers, and technologists. We put the science of happiness and well-being into everyone's hands and make it fun and actionable.

Meet The Flourish App

Find joy. Reduce stress. Discover purpose. Build resilience. Strengthen relationships. Sunnie is always here to inspire, support, and celebrate you! 


Enjoy actionable insights in the Flourish app that are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Grounded in Science

Did you know? Happiness is a skill that can be learned through practice.

with AI

We will meet you where you are.

Let's find out what makes YOU happy!

Together with Buddies

Enrich your well-being journey with meaningful social relationships!

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