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Bring deeper connections and flourishing lives to individuals, teams, and communities.

More happiness

Better well-being

Deeper social connection

Solving the "Last Mile Problem" of Science

Scientific knowledge and practices on how to live a flourishing life have been booming, but are often scattered and deeply buried in the academic literature. Meanwhile, our society is in an escalating loneliness pandemic, with global sadness on the rise...

Flourish is a public benefit corporation founded by a team of mission-driven scientists, designers, and technologists to serve science and society.


What We Offer

With our mobile app and interactive workshops, we support the various needs of individuals and organizations to foster happiness, well-being, and deeper connections.

FlourishTogether Program

Our workshop brings science-based happiness practices to teams and organizations. It creates a shared moment to raise awareness, gain scientific knowledge, take collective actions, build a culture of well-being, and foster a sense of connection and inclusion. 

Flourish App 

Our daily app provides personalized actions and inspirations for a more flourishing life. Use it as your personal coach, or with friends and family (“Flourish Buddies”) for more fun, inspiration, motivation, and meaningful interaction—a perfect way to stay close and grow together!

On the Go

Elevate your day with Flourish. Benefit from the science of well-being and embark on a fun journey toward a flourishing life. Flourish fits seamlessly into your busy life. 

Simple actions to brighten your day

Connect with friends and grow together

Personalized insights for a more flourishing life

Loved by Our Users


Trusted by 



peer-reviewed academic publications supporting the effectiveness of Flourish activities.


participants said our workshop is engaging and enhances their learning experience.


increase in supportive and rewarding social relationships on average after just a few activities.

Unleash your joy, boost your well-being, and strengthen your most important relationships — with Flourish.

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