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A simple and powerful way to spread joy

Gifting a Compliment

By popular demand, we are making our compliment cards available for pre-order!
  • Give thoughtful compliments proven to delight
  • Discover a fun way to build meaningful interactions
  • Create beautiful memories and a lasting impact
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It's backed by science!
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How to Give Good Compliments

“...The compliment is one of these really powerful, small actions that brighten your day and brighten someone else's day." 

How to Make Friends and Compliment People

“... you can quickly build relationships with friends and strangers alike just by giving them a sincere compliment." 

What makes
a good compliment?

"Should I say it or write it?" "Does my compliment lose its value over time?"


Xuan, our co-founder at Flourish Science and a social psychologist by training, has given numerous talks on the science and art of giving compliments where people frequently asked those questions.

"A compliment given is better than a compliment not given,"


Xuan always emphasizes. Yet she couldn't help but wonder how we might help people feel more at ease giving compliments and taking this positive action more frequently.

Over the years, Xuan has read over 4,000 genuine compliments through her extensive research. Based on this experience, she handpicked some of the most heartwarming and thoughtful compliments and turned them into tangible cards.

"Who is this for?"

When we brought these cards to workplaces and school campuses, people fell in love immediately! The response was nothing short of spectacular. Many people asked if they could buy some for colleagues, friends, family, or romantic partners... 

Claim your 20% off early bird discount TODAY!

Success! You will receive a discount code once pre-order begins. Thank you for your interest. Stay tuned!

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