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We are a group of scientists, designers, and technologists driven by a shared mission: To help people find happiness, well-being, and deeper connections in supportive communities, both online and offline. 



Advisors & Collaborators

Empowered by a top-notch advisory board from leading universities with diverse perspectives.

Founder's Story

Our Story

Why We Founded Flourish —
A Letter from the Founding Team

If you live to be 80, then you’ll have 4147 weeks. That is 4147 Mondays or 4147 Sundays. Life is surprisingly, absurdly, depressingly short. 


But think about it this way: chances are, each of us would have never happened. Imagine the asteroid never hit Earth sixty-six-million years ago, or your mother never met your father. But against all odds, we did happen. We are given a lifetime to live. And that is a very generous gift, a miracle, and a privilege. So how can we find more joy, purpose, and aliveness in our precious days, in spite of all the uncertainties, constraints, and daily grind? 

As scientists, we have found our answers in the science of happiness and well-being. Over the past few decades, the scientific literature on how to live a flourishing life has been booming. Study after study has shown that people can intentionally cultivate their happiness and well-being through science-based practices, and that social connection is a major pillar for lasting happiness and well-being. We have personally benefited from these "flourish activities" and have used them to connect more deeply with friends, colleagues, and loved ones—that is, our "flourish buddies." They are the only antidote to our collective struggles.

Unfortunately, these practices are often scattered and deeply buried in the academic literature, and few people outside of the academic world know about them, or how to incorporate them into everyday life. Meanwhile, the loneliness epidemic has become a public health issue, and sadness is on the rise around the world. Mindless scrolling and superficial interactions on social media leave many people feeling even more lonely, isolated, anxious, and unhappy.

That's why we founded Flourish — a public benefit corporation to help people find more happiness, well-being, and deeper connections, powered by science. We make research more accessible, fun, and person-centered by turning scientific knowledge into engaging and interactive activities that people can benefit from with just a few minutes each day and share with friends and family.

Running a mission-driven company is not always easy, but it is our calling. We deeply believe that to turn the loneliness crisis around and improve people's mental and social well-being, we need to learn and practice skills that nurture the well-being of ourselves and each other. This belief has given us tremendous motivation to press on, day and night. And we know we are on the right track when we hear stories of how Flourish has positively impacted someone's life.

Thank you so much for becoming a part of our world! We're thrilled to have you join us on this meaningful journey, where we discover new insights, live with intention, and embrace the things that bring that special sparkle to life.


With love and gratitude,

The Flourish co-founders 🌱

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